Inspired Wholeness was created to empower and assist others with transforming and living    
         balanced, fulfilling lives.  As human beings, we are capable of unlimited possibilities for
         growth, performance and living up to our fullest potential.

         Our vision is of personal, professional and organizational empowerment.  We are committed
         to  providing creative and exciting opportunities to envision and manifest goals and produce
         results to their fullest potential.

         We use a holistic approach to identify and build on strengths, values and  performance.  
         Our empowerment strategies cause transformational living for individuals, groups,
         communities and organizations.  We facilitate optimal levels of functioning and

         Our strategies empower individuals and groups to balance the demands of their lives,
         creating positive personal and professional results.

         We provide:

                • Program Evaluation
                • Executive Life Coaching
                • Workshops/Trainings (tailored to your individual needs)
                • Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling Services
                • Domestic Violence Counseling Services
                • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) Trainer

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