Inspired Wholeness vision is of personal and professional empowerment to educate,inspire,
and empower individuals, groups and communities to live balanced, fulfilling lives.

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I provide creative, exciting cutting edge opportunities to inspire, educate and empower your Mind,
Body and Soul.  

As human beings we are capable of unlimited possibilities to live a balanced, fulfilling life.
Inspired Wholeness  was created to assist individuals, groups and communities to live up to their
fullest potential.

I use a holistic approach to help you identify and build on strengths and values to produce results
to their fullest potential.  

My empowerment strategies facilitate optimal levels of functioning causing you transformational

My strategies empower individuals, groups, communities and organizations to balance the
demands of their lives, creating positive personal and professional results.

I provide:

                 Life Coaching
               •  Mental Health and Addictions Counseling
               •  Workshops/Trainings (tailored to your individual needs)
               •  Book Me to Speak                                                      
All That I Am To Be
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