INSPIRED                  WHOLENESS
    What is  a  Life Coach?   

    Support motivation commitment
    and accountability. Those
    are some of the  many positive
    benefits to working  with  a Life

    How often do you take time out
    to  think about what you really
    want,here you're  going and how
    to  get there?   A life Coach will
    help  you make those  difficult
    decisions, and achieve the goals
    that are  important to you.

    Do you ever find yourself
    wondering   "what's next"?  
    Overwhelmed with a  
    difficult decision to make?

    As  a  Life Coach, I use  tools,
    techniques and strategies  to
    assist you in finding direction,
    living a  balanced life, setting
    goals, making  decisions, and
    moving forward.

    This is done  in a positive, objective,
    non-judgmental approach by asking  
    the right   questions, and providing
    insightful feedback.

    Through Life Coaching you can   
    achieve balance, awareness,
    produce fulling results, experience
    positive  change,  and maximize your
    Why Have a Coach?

    There are a  number of things that
    are important to everyone's life -
    health,  family, relationships, friends,
    career  and finances.

    When you make changes to improve your
    personal and  professional environment,
    you will be  happier and have more time
    and energy for what you enjoy.

    Spiritually - Explore your connection with
    your higher power
    Personally - Growth and self awareness

    Physically - Your health, body and
    physical well-being Relationships -
    Satisfaction with  family,  friends and
    significant others.

    Professionally - Career transitions,
    expressing your unique gifts and   

    R & R - Enjoyment, rejuvenation
    Abundance thinking I can provide intuitive,
    creative, and
    exciting opportunities of   
    empowerment to create vision,
    manifest goals, and produce   
    fulfilling  results.

    My strategies  include an interactive,
    collaborative, holistic approach. You will set
    realistic goals and achieve them.

    You will get where you want to go   
    faster.  You will  make better
    decisions  and set higher

    I will partner with you to identify
    goals,  and the necessary steps to  
    accomplish those goals.    

    This is done by providing positive  
    support,  direction and feedback to
    increase clarity.           
    How  Can Coaching Work For

    Life Coaching is an ongoing   
    partnerships that helps you   
    produce fulfilling results in every
    aspect of your life.  It accelerates
    your progress by providing a
    greater awareness for success.

    It can help get you started in a
    new direction in your professional
    and/or personal development,
    and  provide you with a  personal  

    You will use your time more  
    effectively and become more

    You will be empowered to:

    * Focus  on YOU and what you
    want to achieve.

    * Achieve greater results in less  

    * Help you  come up with a fresh  
    approach to an old problem.

    * Create an action plan and    
    support   you in achieving it.

    You will have an  environment   
    that supports and motivates you  
    to spend time on ''you'',  your
    goals and keep you on track..
The rose universally symbolizes love and beauty. In order for a rose to grow it must to be placed in a environment that will cultivate
it’s growth. It requires pruning to rid it’s self of parts that no longer serve it’s purpose. It requires light as a source of energy to bring
forth it’s beauty to show the world.

In order for you to come forth as a symbol of love and beauty, you must  plant yourself in environments that will continue
to cultivate your growth. You must prune those parts that no longer serve you, and reflect on the parts that block your light. It is then,
through your source of energy, your light, that you  will reflect your purpose and bring forth your beauty to show the world.
                                                                                                                  Paulette Hubbert
                                                                                              Copyright © 2007
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